Easy Shopper

We were tasked to create the brand identity and design the UI for the app.
Easy Shopper is a mobile app that is aimed at the shopper that shops with a budget in mind. The app will warn the user when they’ve reached the budget amount allocated as they adding grocery items to the shopping list.

  • Zedduo Design
  • Zedduo App UI

Identity Development

The rationale behind the logo is to show ease and fun. A cursive font was used to show flow and symbolises the ease of flow when adding up grocery items. The lowercase ‘e’ symbolises that a budget amount is in place when shopping. The ‘easy’ font is used as a graphic and part of the brand extension. The brand extension is designed to show ease and flow.

Items designed:
Logo, Stationery, Email Flyers

Zedduo Zedduo

Mobile app

The app was designed to help a shopper control his/her budget while grocery shopping. Or it can be used for any shopping. The shopper has the ability to calculate items in its basket and will know exactly how much to pay at the till. The main goal of the app is too make the user aware of how much his spending and what his going to pay at the till.

Research > Wifeframes > Design

How it works

Create a new shopping list and add in the total amount of money you have to spend. As you add grocery items to your trolly, you add the same item to the app shopping list and insert the price and quantity. The total amount will be automatically calculate as you add items to the shopping list.

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Edit an item

If you need to change the quantity of an item that was added, all you need to do is swipe right. Swipe left to delete the item off your list


Your list

As you add more items to the shopping list, the total amount increases. Your list can be long, but the total amount will always be on top.


Your reached your budget

Once you’ve reached your budget or go over the amount the phone will vibrate and play a sound.
Stay in the budget!

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